• There is a Facebook group you might want to join, Basenji România - https://www.facebook.com/groups/257157405978955/

    It appears from the comments that several Breeders belong. It could be worthwhile to ask questions of other owners who experience the same weather and climate as you.

  • @lustopher - If you are home honestly there is no reason to close them in the crate... they really want to be with their human family...

  • @tanza That is true, but we are working from home and sometimes we just can't pay attention 100%, so we'd like to have him used. In about two weeks I'll be job free and he will have all my attention, pretty much.

  • @lustopher I have messaged you privately ! I know the breeders of your dog's parents, but have been trying to get a contact with the couple who bred your boy. You can be a tremendous help with the database


    I have added your boy already and he will appear there by this evening when I have caught up with entering all today's new dogs.

    Please can you let me know his birthday ?

  • Hey,

    I'm coming with a small update and with some questions.

    In regards to the crate training, I've changed things a bit and made it so that he knows he can get out at any point and he settles much faster now (we do 'games' twice a day, with some kibles). When he sees the food, he kinda knows already where it's going. I sit next to him or close by when he is eating with the door closed and he seems fine now, as I let him out right away. He sometimes fells asleep in my lap or close to me so I just take him the crate slowly so he doesn't wake up (he did once or twice, but I stayed next to the crate until he went back to sleep). I leave the door open if I sit in the room the whole time, or closes it and check it now and then otherwise. He is still not comfortable enough to get in by himself or go in all the way sometimes, but it's fast progress.

    Now, the problem is the potty training. I've tried to take him out after waking up, right away when he's still half asleep, but he sits with me for some time, then wants to go back (pulls me towards the entrance). I don't do it when he pulls, but I do take him back, put him in the crate and try again once, twice, but nothing, and I can't just keep doing it as he starts shivering and gets anxious. Plus, he peed on his bed once, I am not sure when because I check it quite often. I know he needs to potty, because if I let him roam in the house after waking up, he is sniffing and running around until he finds a spot. Afterwards, he gets pretty uninterested in things and prefers to sleep.

    I'm trying to keep track of it all, but seems to be pretty random. He may pee twice in a span of 30 minutes, or not at all for 2 hours. Not sure if I should keep trying or just wait for now, to get some better weather (I got him some jumper, not the best fit but was just to test things out, see if it helps).

    Also, when he needs to defecate, he becomes really agitated, running and jumping close to the walls and just stops randomly when he can no longer hold it. Is this normal?
    The same happens If we stay in the kitchen and close the doors, to have him close by. He starts whinning and gets agitated, altough we're there. He gets to free roam most of the day, so I'm not sure why he'd get anxious even though we're with him.

  • @lustopher - Remember that at 8 weeks if still with the litter and Mom, Mom's will stimulate them to potty... so you need keep taking him outside or a potty box... and keep telling him to go potty...

  • Understandable, but he seems to shiver too much after taking him out 3 times. It just gets to me and I felt like I was doing it wrong.

  • @lustopher
    Do you have any outdoor puppy clothes for him to wear? Your outside temperatures are too cold for a thin coated puppy.

  • @lustopher - Well, when you see him sniffing around the house, pick him up and take him out... and tell him to go potty... you might want to try if it is really that cold and the ground is cold, get a bale of straw and put that on the ground.... might encourage him to pee there... same with pooping, when he starts to run around take him out to the straw area... might help..

  • @senjisilly I've got one for 'emergency' usage, but it's not the best fit. I'll try to pick a better one this weekend.

    And yes, his paws are cold, of course. I try to get him warm when I'm back inside, but still.

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