• Within the past couple weeks, I've noticed my 12 week-old puppy has some build-up in his ears. I am used to constantly cleaning my shepherd's ears since they are so prone to allergies, so it's tough for me to tell what's just normal dirt/wax build-up, and what's something more concerning like a yeast infection or mites. He isn't itching them at all, and our two cats also are not having any ear problems, so I don't think it's mites. The wax/dirt is dark brown and pretty easy to clean out with Q-tips/Kleenex and ear cleaner. Is this just a Basenji thing since their ears are so upright?

  • It is not a typical problem with Basenjis that they have ear issues... Is this something you have discussed with the breeder? In 30+ years of raising Basenjis I have never had ear issues. This In My Opinion is NOT a Basenji issue being a long time breeder and owner. That said, what are you feeding? It could be a food allergy... but if not itching.. then I would discount that.

  • @tanza Okay, good to know! I talked to the breeder who agreed that this is not common and suggested mites or a yeast infection. I'm going to take him to the vet this weekend to be on the safe side, I just found it odd that they aren't itchy or painful and wondered if anyone had experienced something similar. He's on UnKibble which he's done great with!

  • doodle has a waxy buildup during the spring (high pollen) season. I just clean it away with a cotton ball moistened with tap water. I've never noticed it any other time of the year.

  • Agree wholeheartedly with @tanza. I have never known anything happen to ears in 40 years of breeding and owning a pack of Basenjis. You are right to be on the safe side and take the pup to the Vet !

  • @elbrant That's good to know! We are in Kansas where pollen and allergies are rampant lol, I am wondering more if that's what it is since the build-up isn't increasing very quickly at all. Seems to be worse after we spend a while outside.

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