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    My 12 year old Basenji girl, Minke has developed osteoporosis in her front leg. Apart from that she is in good health and likes to be active. Like all Basenjis she is stoic but virtually can’t walk on her leg. Sometimes she screams with the pain and when walking she has a terrible limp and sometimes resorts to walking on 3 legs. It breaks my heart She has been given a series of cartrophen shots by the vet and is taking an analgesic on a daily basis - all without much relief. Do you have any suggestions about what else I might try? In the end I might just have to resort to a dog pram. If that is all I can do, dyou have any suggestions about the best one? Warmly, Helen (Australia)

  • @flash Your vet knows far more about it than I do. For sure, screaming in pain is not acceptable so they will have to try something. There are dog walkers over here (America) that are for dogs with missing limbs etc. might be a possibility to look into?

    Also, there are carry helpers. Here are some links.



  • I feel so sorry for your Minke - We hate to see our babies in pain. My Kembe who will be 14 in January is also showing signs of age. Because of our changing season in New England - she now does not want to walk in the early morning because it’s too cold (even w/ her warm sweater - in her younger days this would not have been an issue). I’m having to change my walking schedule to accommodate her. I hope you find Minke some relief of the pain - hopefully your vet can make some suggestions.

  • Is this the hip? There is hip replacement surgery, which might or might not be appropriate given the dog's general health. In humans a shot in the joint is usually definitive. If the pain goes away then it's the hip. If it doesn't then it's not. If you think hip surgery is an option find a vet who does a boatload of them.

    It's possible there is some back/spinal cord/nerve involvement. It's always a good idea to rule that out. (That doesn't mean there isn't osteoporosis).

    There are several alternative therapies but if it's bone on bone then it's just a big OUCH. 😢

  • Have a look at Wikipedia for osteoporosis. The article is about humans, but, nevertheless, it gives a better definition of osteoporosis, causes, treatments, and outcomes. In older females, it can be associated with de-sexing, and the loss of estrogen. Take her to a knowledgeable vet, (some vets may have a preference for this type of illness). And see what they recommend. make sure you go with a list of all your questions, so that you do not forget to ask them the questions that are important to you. Good luck.

  • Are we talking about osteoporosis or osteoarthritis? Cartrophen shots are a treatment for the latter.

  • @eeeefarm your absolutely right!

  • And we all know that high pitched BLOOD CURDLING BASENJI SCREAM! Definitely want to hear that your baby receives the relief that she deserves. 🙏

  • Thank you for your kind words and comments

  • bolded text@eeeefarm said in Osteoporosis:


    Hello my boy Zeus 8yrs has osteoarthritis- his on madcam but I would love a better alternative.

    Any sudgestions would help. Vets only know / care so much it’s really upto us to do some reaserch.

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