• I've got a 9 week trindle girl, and she really loves being outside in the city to meet people. However, she wants to RUN, and we take her out four times a day! I've read puppies this age only need 10-15 minutes a day of vigorous exercise and shouldn't be over worked, but do basenji puppies need more? We stop as soon as she stops, but it's clear sometimes she pushes herself a bit much. Any advice on moderating puppy exercise?

  • Our pups would run till they drop... LOL.... we have a very large yard and they play hard. Even raising our litters pups were out doors as much as possible to play... or indoors for that matter. I have never restricted exercise. That said it was their play, not forced like jogging or biking... and it was on grass, not hard pavement. Sounds like you are doing just fine with her.
    Who did you get her from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis.

  • I agree with @tanza, there should never be any forced exercise until the bones 'set'. like a human baby until their skull sets, or a race horse are not allowed to race until they are two, so as to allow the bones to set. If they collapse because of their own induced tiredness, then that is okay, but never push them until they are well over 12 months, at least. You are doing right.

  • Thanks so much! Makes me feel better. And I got her from Nocturnal Kennels in NC.

  • Pups will know how much exercise they can cope with and when they are done - they sleep. Main thing is not to force them - no road work at all, for example - until they are 16 or so weeks old and then only in short trips. Then take it easy for a year until they are structurally mature

  • @condesa said in How much puppy exercise?:

    Thanks so much! Makes me feel better. And I got her from Nocturnal Kennels in NC.

    Are the sire/dam DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA? Did you check for yourself at www.ofa.org as DNA tests for Fanconi/PRA are public posted for the results. If not you should have your girl tested. It is a cheek swab that you do yourself. You can order it at www.ofa.org and the cost is 65.00 for each test (Fanconi & PRA)

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