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    She's turning 10 in January! The most intuitive and actually silent (we rarely hear even a gurgle) basenji I've ever had! What a pal she is (;

  • She's beautiful. Love her expressive face, and those eyebrows!

  • Very pretty! I saw in another post that you just got her... congrats!!

  • Gorgeous and wow she sure doesn't show any age. ❤

  • Super cute -- Tris are great --and she definitely doesn't look her age!

  • Zhandi is beautiful! Definitely does not look her age! My basenji is also pretty much non-vocal.Thanks for sharing the photo.🐾

  • Talk about aging gracefully! She is beautiful! ♥

  • I have always loved the tricolors. She is gorgeous

  • Lovely Zhandi!

  • She looks just like my Angel❤

  • She is a beauty! Tell her she doesn't look a day over 5!!!!! XOXOXO

  • I agree with previous posters--she's beautiful!!

    I had to laugh about her reptile companions. She probably thinks that's the way it should be (or they've explained to her that as a predator like they are, she should be silent! )

    Thank you for the beautiful picture!

  • ![0_1565048478921_IMG_8289.jpg](Uploading 100%)
    My George lived to be 20 years old, my handsome boy . I am trying to upload a picture of him but not having any luck being somewhat "computer challenged" .
    Basenji's are a breed to research before you take one home.
    We rescue dogs and cats and turtles etc but not one animal was the trouble and surprise my basenji, George was.
    He was named after Curious George as most basenji owners know how curious this breed are. He was a hand full but after maybe 5years he stole my heart and I miss him so much. My pal and buddy.
    I always told myself if I could just have him until old age I would be happy (God knows he chased trucks, cars, pit bulls- it is a wonder he did not leave me sooner)
    George was rescued in August of 1999 , with his litter of puppies and a "wife". we had George until Feb.14 2018. We figured he was at least one year old when we found him.
    Much love and hugs to all those basenji's out there- they are a real loyal breed with a great personality if you can handle all the other challenging traits they have.
    Helen Schneider

  • Your picture may be too large. Or you may be using the wrong tool. If uploading from your computer, use the icon second from the right at the top of the compose page.

  • Thanks yes the picture is too big is what it is telling me.

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