McKinney Tx, rehome, 3y. Female mix

I’m looking for help on rehoming my 3year old female Basenji mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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People will reply soon, if you have no luck then contact BRAT, they will help.

I'm the BRAT person you would be put in contact with. I could get her up on BRAT's Basenji mix adoption site, If you want her up there, contact me by email:

Thank you. Hope I can find her a great home! We rescued her from a shelter in California about 2 years ago. They had her listed as a “mixed breed”. It wasn’t until we moved here to Texas in September when I took her to the vet and she pointed out she was a Basenji breed. Sure enough, I looked up this breed and she DEFINITELY is!!

Hello, I am Carl Humphrey and would love to adopt her. How old is she? I live in San Antonio Tx. What's next?

Disregard the age question please. She does look like much Basinji without curled tail. I was had a Basinji/Terrier mix, loved that dog. Let me know about the process. Thank you!

@hlevonius said in McKinney Tx, rehome, 3y. Female mix:

I’m looking for help on rehoming my 3year old female Basenji mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It is never easy to place a pet, but it is certain that sometimes life events occur and it becomes necessary. Thank you for caring enough to look for a good home.

Can you give a little idea about why you are placing her? Also is she spayed? UTD on her shots?

Please make certain that you get a home check as well as vet references. Ideally, if the family has other pets, try to get a meeting away from either home on neutral ground. If you can put a towel under her for a while and send it home with new family for a few days, it can really help other pets in the home get used to the smell.

Good luck on finding her a good home.



Thank you so much for your interest in Lucy. I would love to hear more about the home life you are able to provide for her.
Environment, kids, space, dogs etc.

She is a dog that needs someone to be around a lot. She has pretty deep separation anxiety.

Thank you

@hlevonius ,
Thank you for responding, but I have decided to wait until the end of this year before getting a dog. I'm sorry for making a premature decision. I hope someone that is ready will respond. Thank you again. Carl

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