Female B Mix-Greenville, OH

I am going to try to see this girl on Saturday. She may be PB but there is not a picture of her body only a head shot. If anyone is interested in her, please let me know. She had a litter of pups about 8 weeks ago. Their picture is on her webpage. You need to read her story!

Here is her petfinder webpage:




She could be P/B..Jennifer, your wonderful for doing so much for these dogs in need.

I will be picking her up next week.

She looks more like a PB to me…

I am certain that she is a PB B as she has her dewclaws removed and she is microchipped but not to the owner, probably a breeder or a dealer/broker like Hunte Corp.

She is so pretty, and obviously smart to find a snug place to give birth. Those pups looked darling! Thank you for taking care of her.

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