Brown rice versus White rice

@zande yogurt really? Daisy won't touch it. I recently read that dogs can tolerate dairy which I was always told no dairy. I think I'll do research on that!

Yoghurt, ice cream, milk, cheese, cottage cheese (many people use the latter to get pills down at need !) - my pack has always enjoyed diary and with absolutely no bad affects. Too much milk will make them loose so I only flavor water with milk on away trips to get them to drink at all.

an' as aforesaid, if a Basenji has been ill, vomiting or diahrrea, and has been on starvation rations for a couple of days, they need something to replace the flor which was lost in the stomach and there is nothing better than natural yoghurt while you gradually work them back onto normal rations along with the fish and chicken you are giving them.

We eat brown rice and doodle doesn't seem to have any issues digesting it. I meal prep the chicken/veggie doggie dinner(s) as well, with occasional leftover rice. She gets ~1/2Cup after her walk, and I leave a 1/2Cup of kibble out for grazing. I don't like giving her kibble, but I'm trying to get her to lose a pound or two. Which really comes down to me being more mindful of how all the calories add up.

Dairy Products: doodle also gets a tablespoon (or 2) of 2%milk almost every night. Cottage cheese, occasionally. Sliced harder cheese (primarily cheddar) as a tidbit. And yogurt (plain, greek, with no sugar) from time to time. No digestive issues.

Spoiled little sweetheart(s).

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Instead of rice, try barley.

hmmm.... I don't usually have barley in the pantry, but I'll give it a go.

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I'm trying to get her to lose a pound or two

In that case, fill her up with vegetables - green beans, runner beans, cabbage (I finely slice it and boil it gentle just to take the edge off it. Basically that goes for all veggies), any kind of squash - marrows, zuccini - you can really bulk up the green vegetables. Mind love cauliflower or any kind of broccoli. A good bowl of mixed vegetables for one meal a day - or half normal food and half mixed veggies for each meal and the weight will drop off while the Basenji still feels fully satisfied and the coat shines !

Sometimes carrots can be a treat but to slim a dog down, I prefer not to use roots.

I always cook more vegetables than we need and so there is a bowl in the fridge for treats !

Keepurr knew two words as well as a normal Basenji vocabulary - BEANS and CABBAGE ! He would get out of his favorite arm chair last thing before bedtime for either ! Hoover recognises 'beans' and stands by for stalks (raw) while I am preparing broccoli or brassicas.

I should maybe add that I have a large kitchen garden and grow most of the vegetables here - this winter we have an over-dose of butternut squash and red cabbage in store so I hope the new puppy likes fresh greens !

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Brown rice.... white rice if they are not feeling well as it digests easier. But veggies are best to loose weight. Mine also get a teaspoon of yogurt daily. And veggies, start with steamed... mine love all veggies... especially root veggies...

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She deserves to be spoiled!😃🐾🐕❤

oh @kembe, she is spoiled... definitely spoiled!

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@redial said in Brown rice versus White rice:

Instead of rice, try barley.

hmmm.... I don't usually have barley in the pantry, but I'll give it a go.

Quick follow up: I made barley for the first time tonight... well, technically I made a Homemade Vegetable Barley Soup. The entire family chowed down and then doodle passed out for the night. 😉 I'm sure we will have Barley again (and I'm not just saying that because there's easily 4 servings left).

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