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@zande yogurt really? Daisy won't touch it. I recently read that dogs can tolerate dairy which I was always told no dairy. I think I'll do research on that!

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The ears say Basenji. I have never replied but felt I had to this time. I have a Basenji-Pitbull mix named Daisy. It was Daisy's ears (and behavior) that I discovered her to be part Basenji. I have not found another breed with the ears such as Basenji's have. I'm sure I will get "crap" because I have not had DNA or other testing done but there is no mistaking, Daisy is part Basenji. I think its important to know if your dog is part Basenji because in Daisy's case she is 98% Basenji and 2% pitbull concerning her behaviors and personality. Daisy is 2 years old and it has been quite a learning experience owning such a smart, stubborn, loving, mind of her own, amazing dog! Daisy is a mix but I have to train, teach, go outside to yell out frustrations cause of her (and no I'm not kidding, but never in front of her) and all that goes with a pure Basenji because trying to train her like a normal dog does not work.

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I have a two-year-old mix, more basenji then the pit she is mixed with. Daisy would not eat, she trained me as she was more stubborn then I was and I spent a fortune on food only to give it away. I finally went to the store, purchased chicken on sale, frozen mixed vegi's {canned has too much sodium} and brown rice. Cooked and mixed this up and she loves it. Brown rice has some nutrients in it where white is just a filler and is not good for people so I don't feed it to Daisy. I think if your only feeding your B rice with nothing else, it can't be very healthy for them. There are not enough vitamins or nutrients in rice and its just a filler. Daisy loves the mix and I finally found FreshPet or PetFresh (can't remember which one) she also loves so I alternate between them.

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