Tries to Climb walls before she goes to bathroom

  • Hi anybody's Basenji puppy do this ...She is 4 months old and before she poops she runs around and tries to climb up walls or tries to stand up...

  • Could be trying to pass an obstruction...
    Mine have eaten many q-tips, washcloths, underwear by the dozens, 2 walls, 3 doors...

  • Many of our Basenjis as puppies and still as adults spin and spin in circles before pooping

  • Mine paces very quickly/frantically until just the right spot has been found. Silly boy 😄

  • Might be a little constipated,try giving her salmon oil,or a little bit daily organic coconut oil

  • This seems perfectly normal. Mine and especially the boys will do this in adulthood as well!

  • Lots of questions:
    Does she seem to be in pain?
    Has this just recently started or has she always done this?
    What does her breeder say?

    If this is new and she seems to be anxious or in pain, I'd take her to the vet.

    My boy spins, especially if he is having a bout of diarrhea.

    I hope your little one is okay.

  • My girl does this all the time. She likes to be in front of a bush so she can jump up and down on it. Almost as if she is trying to flatten it so she can go. Very amusing unless it’s winter and snowing!!

  • She has been doing this since we brought her home no pain ...Just seems strange ...Thanks for all the responses ..Vet said nothing wrong with her

  • @mark It does sound a bit odd, none of mine have done this. Having said that, I could tell you a couple of hundred other odd things they have done lol. Basenjis are very quirky and that is one of the reasons they are both a challenge and a joy.

  • @mark This might be an unintended lesson she learned at the breeder. Perhaps she was in a pen of sorts and had to indicate that she needed to be lifted out of the enclosure so she could potty. Or, she would dance to tell her breeder/owner to let her out. Or, she learned to stand at the door to go out. It could be a number of things.

    Consider it a blessing, if you see her "standing" against the door/wall/etc, it's her que that she needs to potty. She's trying to train you (um, er... communicate with you) to let her out.

  • If it is associated with constipation then use any remedy for it otherwise, try to use any remedy.

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