• This one showed up in my backyard one day (gate was left open) & came into house via doggie door. I think she is at least a Basenji mix - seems to have a lot of the behavior traits. Yodels, weird almost bark-esq when super excited. Displays hunter instincts when playing. Has a gazelle-spring like leap. And if it’s on a counter & within stand/reach distance - it’s fair game. Waiting on DNA results now. Any thoughts on possible mix?0_1551118132785_FE7ED0C8-5C9A-443A-8E28-62592E8EC6C0.jpeg

  • How big is she? How much does she weigh? Would like to see a picture of her standing up....

  • She’s about 23lbs, approximately 16” at the shoulder. Est age about 2ish. Best pic I could get of her standing. Her tail curves (sickle) rather than curls.

  • Definately see BASENJI in her!

  • @sandiedfw very curious to see what your test results show! my rescue dog looks very similar!


  • Embarkvet said results will be ready early April. In the meantime- I have a tall, smart lapdog to manage. Thankfully, my other dogs are dachshunds & am used to independent (stubborn) thinkers and the challenge of training them.

  • She is certainly full of personality

  • She is gorgeous and a keeper! She looks like she has lots of Basenji in her but I do not know what the rest of her could be!


  • @sandiedfw
    She is a CUTIE! Glad to hear you have experience w/ STUBBORN dogs - because Basenji's are definately STUBBORN! Lol

  • Just received the DNA results from Embarkvet.com - not a drop of Basenji in Lucy's gene pool. She is 46% Pit, 23% Min Pin, 7% Chow, 6% Siberian Husky, 6% Rottweiler, 6% Boston terrier & 6% supermutt. Even though she's not in the Basenji gene pool, this is a great forum as she seems to have a number of B traits & behaviors. I find all of the advice helpful. Thanks everyone for your input!

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