Jedi a maybe basenji mix?

Hey there. We rescued a stray now about two years ago. He was the most adorable little thing. We hadn't a clue on dog breed until a coworker said he looked like a basenji mix. I was wondering if y'all might think the same.

Behaviorally he does bark but he also does a very distinct whine to alert us to anything going on. It's something no dog i have ever had has done. He jumps super high and is definitely an escape artist. He won't leave our sides in the house following us around everywhere. The traits off are that he is 50+lbs and no curly tail. What do u think?


such a nice boy! lovely ears, and that body and short tail, i see some basenji on him, a lot of.


Something else to consider (not that you aren't welcome here!) I'm not positive of the basenji % of my own pup!

The 50lb size and some of the other characteristics look something like these dogs - Carolina Dog.

Here is the breed description which sounds like a great dog and also has some characteristics similar to Bs.

Just recently discovered in the wild, Carolina Dogs are still not a fully domesticated breed. However, these “wild dog” qualities blend together into a loving, cooperative and protective companion. Carolina Dogs are self-sufficient, intelligent and “pack” oriented, making them crave togetherness and family time above all else. They can be slightly reserved with strangers, but grow more outgoing over time. Carolina Dogs are great workers, herders and outstanding playmates for children.

Hmm, wrinkles, almond eyes, definite B sleeping pose…I have no idea, but I think maybe some B in there...

In the last photo I can see Basenji and the ears, though the bed would be shredded and not sleep in if he was a lot Basenji. Looks like a very sweet attentive boy.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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