Basenji Shiba mix: Does anyone think that my dog might be that?

![alt text](image url)0_1548377784837_86BF4199-64AF-4DC3-95F7-62DEA846892B.jpeg [link text](link url)

A Shiba Inu looks a lot like Basenji with a fluffy coat and wider head. The behavior is also similar. Because of the floppy ears, which you wouldn't normally see on either a Shibu or a Basenji, I'd say not a Basenji mix. That's just a guess. If it matters a DNA test doesn't cost a lot and is going to be more accurate than anyone's guess.

To be entirely honest, I can't see either Basenji or Shiba in this little dog. Does it matter though ? Just love her to distraction !

Doesn't look Basenji to me - regardless BEAUTIFUL dog!


Oh thank you (and from Layla too.)

Oh yes-we’re in love with her.

What a beautiful dog Layla is!!! And she is kinda smiling....she must love you very much!

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