• Has anyone tried nexgard? I have tried it on other breeds but would like some advice before using it on my basenji.

  • I only use meds for heartworm only, I would never use these multi chewables for any dog... too much medication/chemicals in the system treating things you don't even know is needed. I would not use those kinds on any breed. I use Nuheart (ordered from Canada) it is only for Heartworm. For fleas if needed, I use frontline, but only when needed which is maybe 3 times a year.

  • @amandao said in Nexgard spectra:


    Nexgard is made by the same people who make frontline. It has one active ingredient, afoxolaner.
    Nuheart is simply a generic form of heartgard.

    There are no drugs that are totally safe. I used heartgard 8 to 9 mos each year, frontline spray every few years if we saw a flea. Here, it's a nightmare. We have parkworm and we have fleas/ticks. We are using oral monthly to kill parkworm, and had been using top spot for fleas and ticks. We have yet to see a flea or tick though folks streets over have them. So I've skipped the flea/tick med the last 2 months.


  • My Kembe uses Heartgard Plus tablets for heart worm from April to October and K9 Advantix ointment for fleas/mosquitos from May to September/October depending on weather. We live in the northeast (Massachusetts). I do not administered the medication @ the same time - I give one @ the first of the month and the other 15 days later. I've never had any issues.

  • my regime for worm treatment, especially heartworm, is to continue it throughout the year. It may be different in out part of the woods. we maintain their dosage as it takes two months for the treatment to be effective, and their is a trailing off after the season finishes. that leaves about six weeks when I would not have to give them heartworm. It is better to be safe and keep them on heartworm and chance an early mosquito or any early spring (climate change?). It is easier and safer to keep them on the regime, than off it. I use a local brand and with four dogs wrap the pill in pate or cream cheese, which makes the medicine go down.

  • Yes, Im with Tanza. The less chemicals the better. I only dose our girl for heart worm. She's only ever had one tick and about five fleas in her three years with us. I wash her bed linen every two weeks with very hot water only (or sometimes with a couple of drops of an organic dog shampoo) to keep the gremlins at bay.

  • I use Paradyne topical monthly for heartworm. Stopped using any flea/tick/mosquito about two years ago. I just do not like putting further chemicals on my boy. And, now that he's older (eight), he's not venturing into the woods like he used to and any tick that may happen to get on him is easy to see and remove (being he's a red/white boy). I do wonder at times though about not protecting against fleas.....?

  • @kembe - Heartguard Plus has other chemicals for other different types of worms, which is why I don't use it... along with it doesn't agree with one of my Basenji bitches.

  • Thank you for all the feedback. Unfortunately I live in the tropics and paralysis tick is present year round. I will see if I can find any feedback from others and post the outcome.

  • @amandao
    As always, you weigh benefits against risks. Here in Israel, parkworm is the top killer of dogs, so dogs need both a wormer and flea/tick prevention. (Parkworm is from ingesting the larva, not from fleas or ticks).

    :: Where Nexgard is only effective against fleas and ticks, Nexgard Spectra successfully eliminates fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms as well. Additionally, it prevents heartworm infection when provided regularly. :::

  • Hi everyone, I have tried nexgard spectra on my basenji.

    I bought the tablets for very small dogs (weighing 2 to 3.5kg) and gave my 7kg basenji one tablet and monitored her for 12 hours, incase of an adverse reaction. There was no reaction so I gave her another tablet to equate to the full dose for a dog her size.

    She has not shown any ill effects at all, no diarrhoea included. It has been 24 hours since the second dose.

    I will buy the tablets for her weight range next month and give her a single dose.

    I understand that lots of people don’t medicate their dogs - I live in an area where paralysis ticks are comparatively prolific so I have made a judgement that protection is necessary.

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