• Hi all, it feels like a half a year since I've caught up with everyone... so much happening!

    I have started the "Couch to 5K" program to return to jogging/running. I plan on continuing beyond 5K, gradually increasing my mileage. Undercover Yankee Spitfire (aka "bug") is learning to run (er, trot) alongside me and I intend to incorporate directions (left, right, etc.) as we progress. My questions are:

    Does anyone run with their B on a regular basis?
    What is the farthest I should expect her to be able to run? (i.e.; How far is too far?)
    Does anyone have any practical advice for me?

    Thank you (in advance), I'm very excited about the thought of running (again) and enjoying the activity/time with her!

  • Hi there! My b-boy Jack is just about 3 years old & we run (jog) 4 to 4.5 miles and walk another 1 to 2 just about every day. We built up to that by alternating short segments of jogging with longer segments of walking, and gradually adding to the distance we jog. It’s taken about a year to build up to doing this distance as often as we do. We go out before dawn, but even then I’ll dial it back if it’s too warm. He keeps up just fine with my galgo, and hasn’t shown any signs that we’re over doing it.

    I love my morning runs with my boys - I hope you have a great time training with your pup!

  • Keep an eye on their paw pads to start.... they will need to be built up and get tough

  • Probably further than you can! LOL Assuming good health and a reasonably young age they can go a long ways. Not a marathon but easily 5K. They are definitely built to run. However, there is always the question of whether they WANT to go that far. That's a completely different question. I broke an arm when hurdling (or attempting to hurdle) a fallen tree that my first Basenji decided he didn't want to go over.

    Agree with the suggestion that you watch the paws at first, especially if you're not running on a natural surface. Will be interesting to hear how the commands work out.

    Keep in mind that you burn the same number of calories walking or running the same distance. Walking just takes more time. Thats the downside. The upside is your knees and hips will thank you. So if you get tired at first nothing wrong with walking for a bit.

    Good luck! Great you're not waiting for New Years.

  • How old is she? What type of surface? If not grass, look into supportive boots for long distance. Work up slowly to 3 to max 5 miles 3 times a week, or less daily is what I have been told.

  • @debradownsouth She just turned 2. Our current route takes us over a variety of surface(s).... asphalt, then grass/wooded areas, a hop over the railroad tracks, onto a concrete sidewalk and back again. Bug is improving on walk/run/heel each time we go out. It's going to take a while for us to get up to any real distance (or speed). Right now it's more like bursts of run mixed in with a farther walk than normal. She's not impressed yet - even though she's becoming an "ATB" [All Terrain Basenji] 😃

  • AS DonC says,"the question of whether they WANT to...". I had one that after about a mile would lay down on his side and refuse to move. More than once did I have to carry that pain the butt Basenji, on my shoulders native style, home.

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