Help needed! :)

Thank you. It’s a good idea, however those people only promised to find his paperwork.. I try to get some info for one and a half year 😞

Chances of you ever finding out his pedigree or his breeder.... sounds like he came from a Backyard Breeder just out to make money. By the way, these days there are many responsible breeders that do not remove dewclaws (just a FYI). There are a number of less than responsible breeders in Texas.
Highly suggest that you get the Fanconi test done ASAP. It is a cheek swab that you do yourself. Here is the link

Hi, Tanza. I read your old discussion and bumped into the name Rick Lamascus. FB breeders mentioned this name, and he might be a breeder 😞
Thank you! I will do the test. Definitely.

Just adding to Tanza... lots of breeders in other breeds also have stopped removing due claws. There is more research recently indicating that we do serious damage removing them. No one on earth hates nails more than me, but I'll never recommend removal again after reading the studies.

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Rick Lamascus

His name is Kenrick Lamascus in Humble, TX . I can find only one event of him showing:.
BCOA bulletin Oct-Dec 2010. No idea of his kennel name or database search might hit registered litters.

Owner: Todd McManus
Breeder: Kenrick Lamascus

Ok. I found our breeder πŸ™‚ it’s Mary Alaniz. Father - Chainsaw, mother - Sakaru. And my boy was born not 01/01/16, but 01/04/16. However, I still need DNA test

@debradownsouth thank you. I read that. It’s sad. but at least I know his parents - their names 😊, and now I have to go through dna test. Hope my boy is healthy. * cross my fingers

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The great thing is that a great dog can come from a less than top quality breeder. Also note that even if the test shows probable, it doesn't mean your boy will come down with Fanconi, and there are things you can do if he does.

I am surprised he was shipped so far away.

The tests no longer are "probable".
Either the dog is clear, and cannot develop Fanconi.
Or the dog is a carrier, which means it cannot develop Fanconi but can pass the genes if bred.
Of the dog is affected, meaning it has the genes and has (from Basenji Rescue) "Affected means that while your dog may be asymptomatic, he will almost certainly develop Fanconi at some time in his life."

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