Cleo is 16 years young and runs like a top!

Found her as a puppy in Seattle, WA in front of a Starbucks. Lady was looking for a good family to adopt her. I would NOT say she is low maintenance in the least but I would not trade her for the world. ☺ 0_1523655818886_image1.jpeg

What a sweet face . How long have you had her ?

Well done for taking her in and giving her a life which, sadly, is denied to .many of these incredible animals. May you continue to enjoy her company for a long time.

She is very cute and a real sweetheart too

16 years old, that is going some.
Enjoy her.

Stafford-Ames Morse
and Koa

@debradownsouth I have had her for about 16 years now and she sleeps in bed with me every night. For some reason I do not think this is an unusual sleeping regiment for Basenji owners 🙂

My Seeka has slept with us every night, except for boarding since we got her at 10 months old. She snuggles right up to me under the covers.

I always said I'd never have a dog in my bed. I was wrong, lol.

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