5 month old basenji mix

Bella is a basenji mix and has become the best part of my life! I'm curious if anyone can help identify what she might be mixed with? Her dark brown coat doesn't seem typical for a basenji and same with her body shape. The fosters she came from said basenji/lab mix, but I don't see the lab. Thanks for the help! 0_1523374934191_IMG_9898.JPG 0_1523374943570_IMG_9908.JPG 0_1523374947441_IMG_9866.JPG

I can't imagine but she is beautiful....

Very cute! No idea. As she gets to her full adult weight it may be more clear. She looks Basenji to me other than the coloring.

I have a 2 year old rescue that looks just like her and I am not sure what she is mixed with !
I will try to
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Oh my goodness I am in love. What a face! How much does she weigh? I'd suspect terrier or something, not Lab. But the only way you will really have a solid idea is to do a DNA test. With mixes, sometimes the pups don't look much like either. Whatever she is, she couldn't be cuter!

@debradownsouth Thank you! Haha. She's currently 20 lbs and the vet estimates her end weight will be around 35.

She may be a Xolo....we helped rescue a beautiful one who looked at lot like your gorgeous pup. Not all Xolos are hairless. Xoloitzcuintli is an Aztec dog and you might want to do some research on them. She may require special skin care. She is a beauty, Congrats on your new family member!!! XOXOXO

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Wow, I don't see Xolo at all in her body or face. Yep, we need a dna! 🙂

She is beautiful ,black basenji in there somewere.
yours christine

Hi! I realise this post is from April but I found your dog's picture online while researching what the other half of mine is! It seems we have a similar mix but maybe opposite knowings 🙂

Age 7 months
Mexico sayulita rescue age 5 weeks adopted at 10 weeks
Half xoloitzcuintli (mom)
Half ??? People have said she looks basenji lately so I started to look online and she sure does !
Shes highly intelligent, sensitive, responsive , loves water and playing with other dogs and humans, enjoys sticks and balls but doesn't play with them as much if breathing fun creatures are around ! Shes just started to bark like a real dog.

See other pics in links below !

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How big is your dog? From this picture, I'd say mostly basenji but some of the side views make me scratch my head.
Basenji's do a boof... pause... boof. Not a boof boof.


Well she is for sure half xoloitzcuintli ! So basenji would be the other half or mix...

She is 30lbs right now and pretty small. about up to my knees. I'll take a measurement now I'm curious !



Thought I'd reach out as you are curious about your dog being half Xolo and I'm wondering if mine is half or mixed basenji! Our pups have a similar look so now you can see what one with a for sure other half mix looks like ! 😉

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This looks exactly like my dog who is definitely half whippet

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