Welcome Missy!


Hello guys,

Missy is an almost 10 months basenji, who is a sweet heart. She loves to cuddle and is always observing. She looks at everything, other dogs, pigeons (we live in Paris), kids or people she appreciates or me. When she runs in the forest, she always has an eye on me, which makes life easier when in the park. She is super careful.

Missy is lucky to see her brother Maxwell on a regular basis, as he is the dog of my sister. They spend a lot of time together, and have the best relationship.

Missy is the typical Basenji when it comes to deciding where we are supposed to go during the walk, sleeping in weird positions, being quickly annoyed when things don't go as she would like to. But, she is super calm, and stays by herself home for a few hours without ruining the place, if she has to. She learns super fast and understand situations, so adapt her behavior accordingly. She is super sociable, so much fun and a joy to live with.

A pleasure to join this group and you can follow Missy on Instagram if you want to


What a sweet looking girl!

How lovely! She certainly looks like a social butterfly! Alert, pleasant expression. Welcome to the group and thank you for sharing pictures. We love pictures. 🙂

@eeeefarm Thanks. I love your quote also. We need to be as smart, if not more smart 🙂

@DebraDownSouth Thanks for welcoming us. She definitely is sociable, and knows when to use her charm card. We'll share more pictures with great pleasure

Welcome! She is very pretty

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