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The one in bed is on her 1 year old birthday after the spa 😉

The other one was last week after a long walk. She doesn't look like your typical Basenji because she has more of a Jack Russell coat.

But those are definitely Basenji ears!!!

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Sunny-Blue is a 15 month old rescue I got last December. They told me she is Jack Russell/chihuahua mix but she has Basenji ears and deer like shape. When my friend asked me about her curled tail last Friday I went online to find out what dogs have them. Sure enough it was the Basenji. The more I learned about the Basenji I realized she is one. She howls, doesn't like water, has a little attitude and a deer like shape. Plus she runs at top speed. She is easy to train but has to think twice before she does anything you ask her. She LOVES to play and will run a game on you if you let her. She is such a joy. (Yes, I have a sense of humor). I feel blessed to have her and am not surprised she is of a special breed.

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