• Not new to the forum, but I felt Lincoln deserved an introductory post as he has now arrived home!!

    Born Feb. 2016 (he is almost 1 year 7 months old)
    Shares his birthday with President Abraham Lincoln
    AKC Champion (now retired)
    27 lbs, 17.5 inches tall

    His favorite things to do are: nap for hours under a warm blanket; watch me from another room by swiveling his head around 180 degrees; running around in circles when he is antsy; and sprinting at full speed around the park.0_1504559041860_Lincoln cave bed 9-4-17.jpg

    0_1504559022216_Lincoln pretzel 9-4-17.jpg

  • I love the "head resting on hip or spine" looks! Sayblee used to roll her head back, resting the top of her head on her back. I am sad I never got a picture of her.

  • Looks and sounds like a perfect B! Enjoy.

  • If he had a freckles on his underside (and no, um, male parts) he would look just like my female Gossip. She sits with her head curled like that and sleeps just like that !

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