Embarrassment Basenji style

Ohhh, how funny! That poor girl. I'm guessing Zahra was quite proud of herself. 😉

Aw! I'm sure it wasn't the first (or the last) time she'd gotten peed on! I'm sure that cudddling and snuggling from Zahra was well worth it! It's not often non-Basenji owners get to snuggle with one!

Hey, I'd rather a dog pee on me, than bite me 🙂


Hey, I'd rather a dog pee on me, than bite me 🙂

Me too, been there done that…....not good.

that is too funny! I guess she did like the tech.

LOL…I am sure the vet tech has had this happen before and probably worse...I can just picture it...

that is awesome!!

Basenji screaming is typical at the vet…Caesar is a champ! "Why confine me when I can run amongst you and enhance your day!"

The best part of this is that I had to take Chase to the vet yesterday because he injured his foot this past weekend. I was a little embarrassed to walk in there! LOL!

As a former vet assistant, I can safely say that I was peed upon in my first 2 days on the job. A beautiful little soft coated wheaten terrier "initiated" me as I lifted her onto the exam table- lol! I've also had a big (and very nervous) mixed breed empty his anal glands on my pant leg - drool, slobber, and other unpleasant bodily functions were all part of my every day "attire"! 🙂 It's all in a day's work, I assure you! 😃

This is what dogs do, I wouldn't be embarassed in the least, I am sure they are use to this. It would be worse if you took your kid to the doctor and they peed on them. haha!!!!

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