Looking at Basenjis - Have allergies - anyone from Surrey/south london UK?

  • Hi everyone,

    so really this is a bit of a shout out to say I really like to the look for this breed but would like to spend a lil time with one just to see how I fair.

    Is there ayone on ehere from the Surrey south London area of england

  • Try locating a breeder through your area kennel club. Having said that, Basenjis are NOT hypo-allergenic. In fact, a leading cause for them being surrendered to rescue is allergies.
    Also, what a breeder might not tell yoi (some are interested only in sales) is that basenjis demand a huge amount of attention, and if they don't get it they find their own entertsinment. They don't do well when left alone, so it's wise to keep two, and while they're beautiful dogs if their looks are the chief reason you're interested you should really do more research! They can be really frustrating dogs to own!

    Good luck

  • Thanks,

    I've found such and I am booked to spend time with three basenjis saturday 15th so I'll take it from there.

    I'm quite an active person that loves regular long walks so activity won'ty be an issue. My wife and I do work full time but we work locally.

  • Hi, I myself am not allergic to dogs or cats but find the fur on our boy does irritate me at times I think it is when it scratches up against me against the grain but I simply put some cream on it and it goes away fast. I find he has a very stiff coat so it can be prickly. Just be aware their coats can differ between dogs so you may need to check out the dogs of the breeder you choose. Best advice is do a lot of research so you know what to expect. Good Luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Amen to that! A bored basenji is very creative in its destructiveness, although the dog only thinks he's having fun.

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