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Hello everyone!

My name is Michael and I'm a 23 year old student at San Diego State University. I recently adopted a now 9-month-old Jack Russell Basenji. I found him in an ad on craigslist; he belonged to a nice woman with 4 children and a small apartment who simply couldn't adequately care for the dog. I feel unbelievably lucky having gotten the dog, vaccinated, 50 pounds of food, bowls, toys, nail clipper, and his bed all for free. They originally named him Smokey but I renamed him Oscar. He has, without a doubt, changed my life. Unbelievably energetic/hyper at times, but also very mellow and relaxed at other times. He is very intelligent and curious, looking at every person we pass by, right between the eyes. I was easily able to teach him a plethora of tricks

, however he was pretty difficult to potty train and still barks at random people at random times. I live in an apartment, not particularly big, so I assume his hyperactive spurts are the result of feeling pent up. I take him on at least 2 walks a day. I am only assuming he is part basenji based on his appearance. So if you think otherwise, I'm interested to know. He is not neutered and I am hesitant to have him fixed, although also have been told it may help to calm him down. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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