Happy Mommy's Day…

Butu won two rosettes today…so That Was Nice.

Happy dog makes a happy mom, even when veal is off the menu as it gives him itchy bumpy skin - our first food allergy. Was Dog park day over here for us so Kaiser was good alllllll day long 🙂

Jolanda and Kaiser

…er, eat... the roses on Mother's Day.

Zest! and i went on a hike. She was very good even when we met with other dogs, horse, and bikes.

Pamela, maybe Ava was trying to pick roses for you?!?

That photo of Ava would make a great Mothers Day card for Basenji mums. For you mum it would say. Too cute she is.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Gosh - Ava has got so beautiful!

Thank you! 🙂 Sounds like all the Mommies and Bs had a good day! Krunzer, hope you're out of the doghouse.

LOL, Chealsie, at Ava picking roses! Life according to Ava: Sniff. Lick. Chomp.

Love the pictures, just like all C-Me's babies "teething" on my rose bushes!…

LOL– anything is teethworthy from the Basenji perspective! Just like you buy them a basket full of toys and their favorite is the empty spaghetti box "found" in the trash.

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