• My husband and I have been racking our brains over how we are going to announce that we are expecting.
    I was obsessed with Pinterest where everyone had thier dogs, either with a sign that says they will be a big brother/sister with a due date - or a sign that states that the dog got a new job as a guard dog, starting on the due date.
    Both of these I thought were adorable! Husband, however, did not. One, Cricket is a dog, not a sister (he really is wrapped around her paw though…). Two, the horse is a better guard dog than her! (It's true 😞 )
    Well, Cricket gave us the perfect photo op today that is fully Basenji in every way!

    What do you think?

  • LOL– adorable... and not a shred of guilt in that cute face! I would say that Cricket will be the perfect baby nanny or dog-pair, but really, you'll just have two babies. 🙂 Congrats to all three of you!

    (If she's like Ava, she's going to take one look at all the stuffed toys and teething toys and pronounce "mine, mine, MINE!")

  • Congratulations, the thought of Cricket and dirty baby diaper shredding and you running around trying to get to it before it explodes is so funny. Makes me glad my kids are grown up, sound like you will have a lot of fun and maybe will need to buy two of each baby toy.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Love this!

  • First and foremost, CONGRATS! 🙂 Wonderful news.

    LOL, 2nd… oh dear lord. Dirty diapers and a basenji. LOL get an industrial safe trash can, put the diaper container in it. Set up a video camera so we can see how it gets defeated. 🙂

  • Congratulations, the announcement is so "on point." Better get ready to find a way to hide those diapers!

  • LOL that's hilarious! I love it.

  • Thought I should update this. My son was born in early April. Cricket just loves him! She has not gotten into a diaper yet knock on wood, She quickly understood which toys are his and which are hers and she has learned that if she licks his fingers, he stops crying.
    We did have a brief period of soother stealing… She would take it right out of his mouth, but when she realized how upset he got, she actually returned it and hasn't stolen it since!
    She will definitely be his best buddy as they grow up together!

  • That is great to hear!

  • Cricket and her Best Buddy!

  • Precious! Look like a "bonded pair" to me!

  • Cute 🙂 basenjis are pretty rough and tumble, but they have that sixth sense of knowing when it's time to be gentle (around kids especially).

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