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    I really like this too! Gentle, consistant leadership is the key.

  • @luzmery928:

    O.k thanks everyone for all your advise. So it's better for hm not to go in my daughters room at all, this confuses him, o.k. And how about the bed. It's o.k for him to lay with us for a while but then when it's time for sleep, we show him his bed and reward him for going there (on his own not carried the way my husband does it). It's o.k for him to cuddle with us, but we each have our own beds. It's hard being consistant but I do see this is the KEY!!!

    It is almost impossible for us to walk you thru this online. You really need to have a trainer come to your house, and help you make a training plan.

  • yeap on it..I looked up a list of trainers in my area form one of the other threads on obedience and training..thanks

  • Well still have not heard back from any of the trainers I e-mailed. Last night I was cuddling in bed with my daughter and B before my husband came home and when my daughter went to her own room, I moved a bit and my B growled at me and tried to snap. I grabbed him by his collar and told him to get off. He growled again and sort of tried snapping at me (if he wanted too, he could have definetly bit me) I guess it was sort of a warning, but I didn't budge and showed no fear and just lead him off the bed onto the floor. He begged to be let up but I just ignored him. He eventually fell asleep on his own bed. I guess it's also a test. Like I said before, if he wanted too, he could have bit me. But I'm still going through with the trainer.

  • Good for you!! and good for you for getting him off the bed and not letting him back on…. that is a great first step...!!!

  • thanks for the encouragement, as I said before , one day at a time

  • Exactly, one day at a time!!!

  • It's tough but yes consistency is key. We have a similar issue with Topaz and the couch. She doesn't like to get off the couch when it's bed time & she has to go to her crate…too comfy I guess 🙂

    So my husband goes to the cookie jar & shakes it & C3 runs into his crate for his bedtime cookie and THEN she run like a crazy girl straight into her crate! And it's bedtime...no more growling...no more carrying off the couch...etc. etc. 🙂

  • O.k a minor set back on my part. Last night it was time for bed so I bribed our B to get off the bed with a treat. All good, my husband thought it was a wonderful idea and so on. The problem was that we decided to stay up a little longer, watch some tv, talk so our B did not want to stay in his bed and when I did not allow him up on the bed he decided to trash my side of the room. Yes my fault for leaving stuff out. Anyway, I was too lazy to clean up my mess so the B won and he got to sleep with us last night. But on the positive side, he tolerated being moved during the night without any aggresive behavior so maybe he might be getting the idea that if he behaves (at least no aggression)then he gets to sleep with us from time to time. I do have to make a mental note to clean my side of the room some time soon so our little taz can't use that against me to get his way. Smart little B!

  • Once again..this is where crate training comes in handy..our Bs go into their crates for bed time & we can stay up & talk & do human socializing 🙂

  • This really won't be a problem once I clean my mess up since then he will just whine for a little bit and then go to sleep when he sees mommie is not paying attention. He's usually a good boy at night.

  • We've got a trainer. I got him form a list of certified positive reinforcement trainers from another thread. I love this forum for all it's helpful info. Anyway he will be coming to our home tonight for a meeting and see what we need to work on. Will let you all know how it goes. We are very excited.

  • That is great…. so happy to hear that.... and thanks for doing positive things to make your boy a happy member of your family....

  • We met with the trainer and although I'm a little dissapointed that he can't simply correct our B's nipping behavior he seems to have alot of positive background working with all types of issues. Right now he's training us to train our B the simple commands and as for his thoughts, nipping can't be trained away from the dog but needs to be diverted into something else, like into a special toy, etc. Does that sound right to those of you with nipping dogs. The aggresive behavior he says is more of a tantrum thing and we will work on that but the bases to it all starts with the simple things like the basic commands.

  • Basic commands are necessary for any training. And there is not way he would have been able to "just" correct the behavior of nipping? And it is really changing the behavior (of nipping) not training, so he is correct.. all the behaviors and basic commands are necessary to change the nipping behavior and let your Basenji know that you are "top dog". This is basic training for any behavior…

  • That's a relief. Other than that he was good. Positive reinforcment, praising the dog, patience, all that good stuff. Thanks again to that thread that led me to the trainers in my area.

  • Sounds like he knows what he's talking about…you basically substituting nipping for something more constructive and less painful 🙂

  • Well last night was good. My daughter wasn't feeling to well so I went to lay with her on her bed and our B came with us. When it was time to get off the bed, my daughter took him down and he did not show any aggresive behavior and when it was time to exit the room he didn't growl or anything. This is a good step though I still haven't been able to stop the nipping but hey it's still good!

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