Help to stop my B annoying my other dog

  • Recently my boy Khalani has been incessantly playing with my older min pin, both he (minpin) and I are getting increasingly frustrated.
    There's no nastiness but the minpin is small and doesn't always appreciate it, as my B throws his weight behind his playing.
    I have tried crating my B for short periods when he fails to stop when I say so. I have left the room with my minpin for short periods. I even tied his lead to the furniture to give my min pin some brief periods of relief. Nothing seems to work! He has figured out that he gets into trouble if I see what he is, or is about to do, Khalani now only does it when he knows my back is turned.
    Can anyone suggest a training method I might try?

  • I can think of several possibilities, but without knowing how you normally train, I am not sure what to suggest. If he is not ceasing the behaviour when you ask him to, that is obviously one of the problems. How does he feel about water? If you aren't "averse" to aversives, a water pistol or plant mister might get the message across. Of course, your minpin might get caught in the line of fire, so it would help if he doesn't mind water!

    Another approach is to take any play initiation as a signal to do some intensive training with your Basenji, replacing the playing with "work". However, I'd be careful about any approach that inadvertently rewards the behaviour you are trying to diminish. If he loves training sessions, this approach could backfire. Basenjis are not slow to recognize a situation where their unwanted behaviour sets up a situation where they gain something from it.

  • Hi eeeefarm,
    My training consists of organised obedience training on a Sunday and home training 20mins per day. Including the usual sit, stay, come etc.
    It seems that I have been rewarding Khalani by reacting when he does play with Khalani, reinforcing his bad behaviour, It so hard not to when he does it on and off all day.
    I am putting him outside anytime he jumps on my minpin at the moment and I will stay doggedly consistent with that and see if that changes any behaviour. If I don't have any luck I will try the water spray you suggested.
    If anyone has any other suggestions I would really appreciate it.


  • Hi Kosuzu
    Please make sure neither dog is wearing a collar…that's how I lost my baby girl...

  • @QuizBasenji:

    Hi Kosuzu
    Please make sure neither dog is wearing a collar…that's how I lost my baby girl...

    I sure will Quiz. Thanks

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