• Does anyone have any suggestions how to improve a basenji's recall. I know they hear me when I call them, the ear moves slightly in my direction. But even when I use "cookie", which ususally works doesn't always work. Any suggestions?:o

  • Make sure whenever you call them, a treat is involved.
    THAT means, when your mad, you can't call them to you. It should only be good things heading toward you.
    Also, if you have a large fenced area, or dog park you can go to..enclosed.
    Sneak off, and wait for them to find you.
    Treat when they do…sort of a hide and seek.
    At my house, even without treats, if I am out of a room for a few minutes, they come find me.
    good luck.

  • I have a large enclosed yard, so I should play a little hide-n-seek with them and reward them when they find me even though I didn't call? Right?:) I really want to improve this for many reasons, safety first and foremost and then I would like to put one of my b's in Rally. So thank you for the advice 🙂

  • The best results I have had is by teaching name response. I use clicker training but you could modify the technique to work without it. Start by just sitting with out in the yard with one dog or out on a park bench and say your dog's name. At first, any reponse to their name click and treat. Once they start to move away say name again, and if they start to turn toward you, click treat. What you really want is to build to them coming toward you when they hear their name. Usually they catch on pretty quickly that their name means treats are coming. Some will stop moving away from you and start just staring at you waiting for the click and treat, this is a great way to start working on attention. If you are really good about rewarding name response and practice a little everyday, you find that they build a very strong muscle memory to hearing their name.

  • Really Reliable Recall
    in book or dvd form

    Leslie Nelson has Afghan hounds, so she understands

  • Roast Beef, Chicken, Turkey, etc.

    In short Lunch Meat

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