Jaco, little brother to Juniper

  • My girlfriend and I rescued a 17 week old male brindle puppy given up to Colorado Basenji Rescue by a couple who couldn't handle him. They got him from a puppy mill in Missouri or Kansas. He's joining our 16 month old brindle female who's showing him the ropes…and who's boss. Despite his unfortunate background Jaco is doing great in the right home, a forever home. Juniper and Jaco have become two peas a pod. They're not actually related but don't tell them that.


  • Two sweetpeas, how cute they are, Jaco is lucky being a puppy mill puppy having Juniper to guide him, they look like lots of fun, enjoy your podpeas.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • They look adorable together. Rescued dogs do so well when there is another dog to guide them. Congratulations on the new addition to your dog family. 😃

  • They've been together two weeks but its the start of a lifetime for these two young Basenjis.

  • how sweet. I got a silken windhound puppy for xmas and Zest! my 7 year old basenji princess was like "YOU GOT ME A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!" and was so excited. I did not have the heart to tell her I got ME a puppy for Christmas. 🙂 I'm surprised the tree survived, but the ornaments did travel up the tree a bit. She tends to be very indulgent with him and has only recently started to correct him. (he's now 7 months)

  • @Coloradical:

    They've been together two weeks but its the start of a lifetime for these two young Basenjis.

    Boy do they ever look happy together. 🙂 What a joy to see.

  • What cuties! Congrats.

    Agile.. congrats on the silken. They look like small borzoi to me in pictures, have never met one. You have to share pictures!

  • Thanks DDS. Borzoi were used in the creation of the breed. Devon, my silken, can be seen on Dec 30th here:


    love the pic of him under the tree. He's made a nice addition to the family here. Someday I'd like to get another brindle basenji, but just wasn't quite ready after loosing Digital my brindlewonderkid in August.

    Didn't mean to hijack. I think Coloradical has a pair of scheming troublemakers on his hands.

  • As my girlfriend says, "Boy will be boys".


  • What a pair! We have 2 sisters (one year between them) and it has been great from the beginning. They always have someone to run/play/snuggle with.

  • Utterly Adorable!

  • Cute pair. I think that's the first time I've seen a basenji so muddy.

  • Looking very relaxed and comfortable. Nice pics.

  • I was like awwwww so freaking sweet together… then I hit muddy legs. Bahahahaha. Obviously things are going well!

    I love the pic of Devon doing a high5.. did your basenji train this feat Agile?

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