Basenji mix…what is the other half??


I am contemplating adopting this rescue Basenji Mix. I know they have a "complicated" temperament, so I am trying to get a feel for what she is mixed with to better understand/ predict what her temperament might be.

Basenji and ?????

I was thinking maybe golden retriever? The floppy ears and short bronze wiry coat are the biggest discrepancies to a pure breed that I can see… one or both parents could be a mix as well, so it makes this actually impossible to predict.

Just looking for a best guess.


I can tell you what it is… UNBELIEVABLY CUTE! Oh wow, no idea on the mix though. How big is she? How old?

First Basenji's

Is this a Taiwan dog by any chance?

She is *lovely"! Could it possibly be dachshund?

Who cares what she is - she's gorgeous and you should get her. Have her DNA tested later if you really need to know…..I did that for my basenji/collie/sheltie mix, who is the nicest dog you ever want to meet, unless you are a kid, because she is afraid of them.

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