Adopting a puppy mill rescue

Would be better to just feed them in crates… and water should never be an issue...... If Juniper doesn't finish her food, then she loses it for that feeding.. it is a way to build GOOD eating habits...

Colorado Basenji Rescue. We are her 5th home. We got her when she was 5 and she is now 13. No major health issues-just UTI's and vision problems and weird mannerisms. I think she has some mental issues but is the most loving Basenji I have ever known. She doesnt know how to play and and craves attention. She shys away from hands even now and it took her almost 2 years before she showed her personality and felt good about herself. She was dead behind her eyes and her tail was thin and hung down.
If you are willing to take the time and have the money-you may end up with a fantastic dog. We are lucky and got pet insurance. Good Luck!

This is a puppy that they adopted…. not an adult that had been used in breeding.... While they will have issues... the fact that he is only a few months old and that have a well adjusted bitch in the home.. will make it all the more easier for them... "still recommend" that you feed in crates...

Kudos for you for taking a puppymill breeding bitch.... and that she has done so well.


Colorado Basenji Rescue. We are her 5th home. We got her when she was 5 and she is now 13.

Oh, what was the name of the girl you got?
I got a Basenji from Peg quite a few years ago.

I have to feed 2 of my 6 in crates because after they finish thier food, they then go and share with everyone else and put on weight.

There would be no sharing in my house; it would turn nasty very quickly!

Zest! would be happy to share your food, but it's not really a 2 way street. 😉

Amen to that!!

When I had my two Basenji girls, and my Border Collie, I often fed them all at the same time in summer when they were out enjoying the dog run, but I stuck around until they were done (not long!!) because the younger one would try to "help" the older one finish her dinner, and both would be happy to enjoy anything the Border Collie left, but not if I was present to glare at them! 😉 (the Border Collie would even defer to the cat if she decided to help herself to his meal.)

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