Exercising with Basenjis….or Not

  • After putting it off for the last 2 months I decided to finally start doing Pilates again to help get myself back in shape. I don't have a gym membership and classes get pricey, so I exercise at home. First time this week went alright, except that Kaia thought something was hidden under the mat and Loki decided that it was the perfect time to play- which he emphasized by grabbing a toy and hitting me in the head. Tonight's attempt was…well, interesting. Loki again thought it was playtime (no toy bashing though!), so I multitask by playing tug-of-war while also doing the easier exercises. Apparently the mat is comfy, because both felt the need to wiggle their way on with some antlers. Setting your feet down to find dogs and pokey antlers underneath is just a tad odd. Kaia discovered that me trying to balance on hands and knees is the perfect time to lick my ears because I can't push her away quickly; that if she starts a wrestling match with her brother she can always hide under mom's stomach, legs, raised arms, etc; and racing around, over, and under mom is tons of fun, though a 22lb torpedo leaping over your face is quite disconcerting. The real kicker came after I was finished and realized I hadn't closed the laptop, so my resume was now 53 pages long with some very helpful bits thrown in. And of course, the moment the mat is rolled up, the dogs curl up on the bed and pass out.

    Basenji-free home gym space just moved to the top of the home buying wish list 😉

  • good help is so hard to find.

  • I mean, I would start salary negotiations off at 547777777777777777 too, but 36.6 -9 is a pretty fair hourly wage also….. 😉

  • Oh c'mon now….you want to exercise AND own basenjis? You're setting the bar way too high here. Basenjis = enough exercise for the day.

  • I find this to be the case often and with most dogs, when you are exercising they see it as a game/chance to antagonize you/butt in or lick you. It's nearly impossible at my house; only way to get around it is to give him a frozen kong with food while I do it. Miraculously, I don't matter at that point 🙂

  • Aren't basenjis just the most helpful dogs ever? 😃

  • @Moth:

    Aren't basenjis just the most helpful dogs ever? 😃

    Yep. Kaia has recently taken to assisting me in changing out of work clothes when I get home and of course, loves to help gather, sort, and fold the laundry. She'll even sprint off with items and take them out in the back yard just so we have less to wash! 😉

  • Mine are the most helpful when I'm in the kitchen (for any reason), bathroom or making the bed. 🙂

  • Basenjis are perpetual two year olds. If your attention is on anything that is not them, they feel the need to bring you back to "reality". A Basenji considers himself/herself the center of your universe and expects to be treated accordingly, the exception being when they are getting into mischief and don't want you to know about it. Otherwise your undivided attention is expected, and demanded, especially if it is obvious that something else is foremost in your thoughts. As the nominal owner (otherwise known as "staff") of a Basenji, you are expected to know that! 😉

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