Basenji mix and martingale collar

I don't know too much about the martingale collar other than it put pressure evenly around the neck. I currently have a harness I tried on my basenji mix, but he still tries to pull it off like a jacket I would like to bring him to my barn with me. However, I either will need to get a gate and put him away or get like a stick to put into the ground(not a stick whatever the long leashes that are anchored into the ground). My dogs head is smaller than his neck and can get out easily. Will a martingale collar one help and two will it work if I am not totally near him for an hour or so in some shade outside on a long leash. Or am I better with a gate. Soo many questions I know thanks!!!

Martingale collars are meant for dogs with small heads relative to their necks, but I wouldn't want to tie a dog with one if I wasn't handy to keep an eye on him. Can you just put him in a stall while you work, or would he howl and scream? If so, a Basenji proof gate might be best. (is he a climber?)

A martingale is ALL I will ever use with Oakley, he is a puller and an escape artist. He has gotten out of every collar and harness I have tried but never the martingale, I will say it hasn't done much for his pulling (but that could be my fault)..I can't say enough good things about the martingale style collar

Martingales are only for when you are walking them, he will immediately slip out of it if unattended, as he will figure out that all he has to do is loosen the tension on the lead and the collar will slip right off.

I had a feeling that it would not work if he was tied up however after this post I am going to get a martingale collar for walks I think they come in such pretty designs and just look so nice as well as being functional. I would put him in a stall, but I feel he would dig and mess them up and unfortunately its not my barn so I Dont have an extra empty stall I could use… alas I will figure it out may just get a gate/fence. As I know him more since i've only had him a week I will know how to keep him content if I am not right next to him. Maybe will get a portable crate... just doesn't seem as much fun 😛

One solution if you are working around (not with horses or other animals) is to "wear the dog", i.e. tie his leash around your waist so he accompanies you. I have used this strategy when I was moving houses and had a lot of people coming and going, open doors, etc. My guy hates crates, so that was not an option. Can be a problem if he is a leash chewer, however! 😉

My boy is a real escape artist, and I mean real - Julius K9, loads that people have recommended as being for 'Houdini dogs'. He also chews through leashes, including a beautiful, very expensive leather and brass….which he neatly chewed into 8 inch lengths when I was foolish enough to leave it below 6 feet up....the only thing I trust my boy to be tethered in is his current harness - a Ruffwear Webmaster. For walking, yes, a martingale (and oddly enough, Butu has never worked the trick when slack), but I'd definitely not trust him tethered. I'd get him one of these, and probably a chain and trust him in an open stall where he can see you and you can chat....I'd make the chain long enough that he could stand in the entrance, but could go inside the stall if he wants a sleep, drink, food from his not let him near tack, horses feeding stuff, horse's anything - and I'd be cautious about hay too.... Chealsie508 - have you tried these (Ruffwear Webmaster?) If this hadn't worked I was going for a Ruffwear Doubleback, which costs a serious amount of money (but when I think of the number of useless harnesses I've bought..) but is the nearest thing I've seen to a doggie straitjacket - it's used by those people who drag labradors rock climbing....

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