Would anyone happen to know what my Basenji mixed with?

  • In may, Me and my long time girlfriend adopted the perfect dog from the local animal shelter, and the shelter told us she was a Basenji, but didn't know what she was mixed with. My guess is Jack Russell Terrier, but I can't be sure. Thank you for your help!


  • Izzy has a friend (a rat terrier) who is a super-cute, intelligent, and energetic and he bears a strong resemblance to your baby. He exhibits many of the same characteristics as the Jack Russel. Being a terrier, he is a VERY busy dog. LOL

    Whatever her heritage may be, she is adorable.

  • I'm just curious, well that and tardy in reply to your original post, does your/do any/most basenji mixes share the "barkless-dog" trait(s) with those of the pure bred basenji?

  • To me, looks like a Chihuahua mix

  • jeffreycin, note that Basenjis can and do bark… they just don't bark none stop like other breeders. Mostly one or two at a time

  • Tanza, thanks for the information/clarification. I do realize that Basenjis do indeed bark and as you've stated it's noticeably. ..different from most/all breeds.
    I specifically meant to query if Basenji mixes are vocally similar, in a general sense.

  • Oh the pain of your question and my answer.

    Sobbing. I have 2 basenji… neither of them yodel. Arwen doesn't even do the basenji BOOF (though she does make demonic noises when annoyed). Cara is great at boof boof noise, and she DOES the yawning noises.

    But there is a scumball in FL breeding basenjis with probably corgis.. at any rate, producing "low riders"... bodies like basenjis but dwarfed legs. They yodel their freaking heads off. Sniff sniff. They boof. And I know a lot of other mixes that indeed do not dog bark, but make all the basenji noises.

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