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Tanza, thanks for the information/clarification. I do realize that Basenjis do indeed bark and as you've stated it's noticeably. ..different from most/all breeds.
I specifically meant to query if Basenji mixes are vocally similar, in a general sense.

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I'm just curious, well that and tardy in reply to your original post, does your/do any/most basenji mixes share the "barkless-dog" trait(s) with those of the pure bred basenji?

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I specifically logged onto the forum tonight to share my recent wonderful experience that has saved many body parts of my girlfriend and my own. To curb Pharaoh's biting/chewing/nibbling we have tried substituting toys in for hands/fingers/toes/hair/necks,etc.
Until a couple days ago, this has been pretty unsuccessful and really quite frustrating because it seemed no matter the texture of the toy, he preferred our skin/hair.
2 toys have stood out for us. He's had short~1ft knotted rope, "multi-textured" squeeky toys, balls, etc… (of those, if we really played and bounced them of walls and floor just right, the balls were decent, but he lost interest quick)
Now for my suggestions after trying many candidates, in hopes it may bring others similar relief: A "tightly-wound" fuzzy ball, akin to some new tennis balls. (Bought at pet store in a size approximately 2x that of a reg. tennis ball) This toy is not indestructible, but he takes to it instantly when we hold it by the frayed fibers and dangle it to it entice him.
And the most effective and durable by far is an elk antler(bought again at pet store). Occasionally Pharaoh displays some disinterest towards this device, however some creative play/tricks (chewing/acting you yourself are interested in chewing it, slithering it slowly on the floor then darting it about, playing on his attention, etc.) will entice him to go for it. Once he has it in his little chompers, he never let's go immediately.
P.S. this information, like presumably most, is likely subjective-this "subject" being a 10 week old pure breed basenji, cared for by 2 (in the winter months) fairly inactive/home bodies. We do, both, work from home and therefor VERY closely monitor Pharaoh. We feel we have a collective keen eye to determine Pharaoh's needs and upon researching fairly indestructible and safe-for-puppy items, we came this elk antler. The store we used had 3-4 sizes/variations, we settled on the next to smallest I believe. It's about the length of my wrist to fingertips, and similar width too.
hope this helps someone. Believe price was $15-20, we read comment online of person mentioning it lasts her about 2 months before she must buy another, perhaps Pharaoh is too young to chew it up, but I currently don't see how he'll get through it, especially in a number of a few months. Thanks for sticking in there,sorry if this is too long-drawn, circular. I wished to strike a balance between being succinct and completely expressing our joy and relief.

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Just wanted to reply so there is another curious basenji owner stating they have encountered the same thing. Our basenji, Pharaoh, also burps occasionally. He, at 10 weeks, has vomited once and almost just did for the second time only moments ago.
He was very close to doing so that he became weak and it brought to my memory how he was when he did vomit. He basically blacked-out "for all intents and purposes", he just lost muscle control, went straight legged and rocked over face first into the floor. It was not a pretty/comforting sight, but he seems just fine and as others have stated that it seems due to lack of proper feeding/empty stomach. Pharaoh has been eating the chicken soup for the puppy kibble(whatever the exact brand name is).

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