• This summer I have trained my 2 boys, Jenga and Rudy, to accompany me on bike rides. Simple walks 2 to 4 times a day was simply not enough for them to expend their energy. I started with one at a time and now they are side-by-side on our adventures.
    I have an electric bike and attached a "doggywalky" . Then i found a double chain attachment that works so they can use it together with me.
    We are having such a great time! They are very good running alongside and quickly picked up the verbal que to "go on a ride". They get so excited….spinning and jumping with their smiles.

    Is anyone using a Croozer? It is a bike trailer built especially for dogs that you pull behind your bike. Similar to the ones for kids. I would like to ride a bit longer and take them along and have a nice place for them after their exercise.

    I also have an Italian Segugio who is biking with me. She requires a bit more exercise than the boys.. I am thinking with the trailer I can take them all together.

    This is such a fun way for us all to get our exercise!

  • Wow you are very clever and your boys are too, would love to see some photo's.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Yes, am happy to post some pics. Will do this weekend.
    Another question…..does anyone use a basket on their bike for their B?

  • I just bought a bike attachment for my boy! He was a bit confused and a little annoyed he couldn't urinate on the trees but quickly learned to love it. It is going to be great exercise for him!

  • First Basenji's

    Basenjis love running so much they quickly learn how to deal with bikes. My Tosca started with a "side attachment" when she was 1 year old, and very quickly understood where to stand to have her harness put on her as fast as I could. Then it used to be up to 20 km trotting and running. She is now 12, "half retired" but still running free in the Breton forest… because one good thing about cycling with your dog is that it makes them more "obedient" (as a basenji can be !).

  • I bike my boy and I biked his predecessor. It's a convenient way to give exercise when your time is limited or you want to give them a good run. I agree it can also make them more obedient if they discover you can "run away from them". I can certainly see this working in a forest, although I only bike on roads. With my first Basenji, I rode my horse and she followed. Once she figured out I could outrun her, her recalls improved immensely! She did not like being left behind!

  • I'm planning on biking with my boy this spring. What brand of bike attachment would you all recommend?

  • @Still_Waters_43:

    I'm planning on biking with my boy this spring. What brand of bike attachment would you all recommend?

    I'm bad. I don't use anything, which I would only recommend if your dog is good on leash and you ride on quiet roads. But it has worked for me with my last two Basenjis. (best with a coaster bike, so you don't have hand brakes to worry about!)


  • I use a Bar which attaches to the frame under the seat. I think it is called Doggie Walkie.

  • ^ Walky Dog 😉
    That's the one I use! I put a padded harness on him meant for car rides, attach it to the clip on the pole and off we go. He loves it.

  • About the Walky Dog product, I saw a lot of complaints about it spinning around the saddle stem, did you experience that. Also, attaching at the saddle, I thought that might be too high for a Basenji sized dog?.

  • It came with this rubber ring that goes around the clamp and keeps it from spinning. There are springs inside the tube that you can remove to make the string longer but I kept them in because the harness I used has a longer strap on the top. I have not had any issues (knock on wood) with the Walky Dog and we used it all summer :).

  • That's one happy looking dog 🙂 & thanks for the info. I'll have to check my new replacement bike it has a suspension saddle so I may not be able to mount one of these 😞 The harness looks good too, where did you get it from?

  • He's saying "Hurry up hurry up!" I got the harness at petsmart. It's made to attach to a seat belt in a car.

  • Okay that looks fantastic! Love the video and the bike pic.

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