Khalani's New Year Resolution list

1. Do not pull my owners arm off while walking.
2. If I have to go to the toilet, tell my owner. Do not let him find my business somewhere in the house, he doesn't seem to like it.
3. When my owner says "get your head out of the rubbish bin", do it immediately.
4. My side of the bed is on the right side, not in the middle.
5. Barking at nothing is NOT good.
6. The insides of the cushions should stay on the inside.
7. When I see a cupboard door or drawer open, it is NOT an invitation to stick my head in it.
8. It is NOT ok to eat my dinner and then attempt to eat my brothers dinner.
9. Reminder:- When my owner says "come" it is NOT time to run away and play 'catch me if you can'.
10. My owners ear is NOT a chew toy.

If he keeps just one of them I'll be a very happy owner!i

I'll tell Lela and Binti!

This is very true!


If he keeps just one of them I'll be a very happy owner!i

Ah, therein lies the problem. You have yet to realize you are not an "owner", you are staff! 😉

Good luck with your list Khalani, Wonder if I should get Kaiser to write one up.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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