Hello from Colorado!

Hello, I am Jared from Colorado. Last year my girlfriend of eight years and I decided to commit ourselves to Basenji relationship. Her parents have a 3 y/o open-faced tricolor who both introduced us to the breed and got us longing for our own. After months of research and weighing our options, we spoke in depth with Tari of TarSha Basenjis (Arizona) and arranged to pick up a brindle female from a litter born in January of this year. We road tripped from Denver to Tucson at the end of March to pick her up at 9 weeks. She was born TarSha's Fashionably Late and Tari was using the nickname Fashion which I loved…but my girlfriend didn't agree. Tari had named some of her males after Arizona foliage so I looked up some of the same and found the Juniper bush. We agreed on Juniper but use June for commands and June-bug when we're schmoozing her. She's doing GREAT at our puppy training course and things couldn't be better! She's willful and pretty wild (high prey drive, vocal)
When we picked her up (9 weeks)

"Fishing story" at 13 weeks



Just the other day (almost 5 months)


Welcome to our community!

What a cutie! Welcome!

Thanks! Our trainer has had to tell my g/f and I to stop staring at her and schmoozing her so much, it gives her too much attention and makes our attention to her less effective when we praise her for cooperation…but it's hard when she's so darned cute!

Alex, thanks for getting the forum back up! I had just joined a few days ago but was sad to see the site was "down" the last few days. I'm happy this wonderful resource and community is functioning once again!

Yes, thank you Alex or whoever was responsible…I've missed you all...Juniper is a gorgeous girl and obviously loving her life. It is difficult to maintain impartiality when they are so damn fetching...

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Yes thanks Alex, do very much miss the forum when it is down. Juniper is just a lovely brindle girl, it is hard not to smooch them and Lately I've been caught saying how cute my boy looks when he has something he is not supposed to have in his mouth, he looks so proud with himself it's hard. Got to remember the bad habits they can pick up from being so darn cute to us owners. Enjoy your June-bug.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Looks like she's found a great home…

Juniper is lovely…

Welcome 🙂

Oh gosh she is so cute!

LOL on too much attention. I don't think you can give too much attention to a puppy. If you call her to YOU for attention, then you still control. Make sure your trainer isn't being too harsh in other areas. These dogs work best with positive training. Well all dogs do, but especially these guys.

First Basenji's

I like the naming backstory, and the pictures are great. Really shows her personality. Welcome!

What a cutie! Her personality really shines through in your pictures. Nobody could ignore that face! 🙂

she's precious! I don't know that it gets any easier denying a basenji. Mine is 12 yo and I still can't ignore his sweet brown eyes.

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