Wanted to introduce our new girl Nexa to everyone!


Very nice, the R/W's have such expression in their eyes!

She is soooo precious!! Congratuations on your new addition.

Here are 2 more pictures:)


Welcome!! She has the look in that last pic.

"Watch out for those eyes". They'll melt the toughest steel and move the biggest mountains in a heartbeat!!
Or less 😃

AWWWW!!! Isn't she beautiful and such expressions! Welcome!

That last one is the look you fall in love with. She's got you now!

Gotta love those adorable eyes. Those are the kind that melt hearts.

Basenji Mix

Nexa surely has those eyes that melt away at you. How precious!!

I do believe I know that girl. Yep, I know I do! Hi guys! Glad to see you showing off our baby. Those eyes do melt you…speaking from experience! Her two sisters send baroos...

CarolAnn Worsham

What a cutie. I love the ears.

Here are two new pictures of Nexa…I don't think her leg quite caught up to her before she laid down:)

Great pictures…she "plopped" (as my kids call it) before her leg caught up! What a lovely Basenji sun room she's got there!

What a special girl to have a great sunny room to hang out in…I luv these funny poses. I like it when their hind legs stick out alla froggy style 🙂

What a beautiful baby!

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