• I'm so glad we got a barkless dog, they are soooo quiet all the time:D I had to sneak up on her to get the video. Our living room is a disaster, we turned it in to Nexa's personal recovery area.

  • Title should be Nexa is noisy…I was laughing at the video and apparently my eyes didn't catch up to my typing.

  • Too funny. 😃

  • That was funny.

    Rita Jean

  • OMG…horrible flash back from when my Kate was spayed!!! Does your Nexa also moan quietly even when resting and being doted on, petted, and lifted on and off the furniture (when you can catch her first) and on meds??

    Hope she feels better soon. Thanks for the video. My dogs loved it too!!

  • Lol, she sounds like the tornado sirens.

  • I thought that was a baby crying at first!!!

  • Wow that howl brings back memories! When I had Ringo and Nika I used to go outside to do yard work and Ringo would make that exact howl then Nika would join in. I'd look in the living room window at 2 Basenjis singing at the top of their lungs. I'd bang on the window and they would snap out of it and just look at me. While I was playing this video Buddy was sleeping on the couch and he popped his head up fast. I even had the volume real low.

  • Reminds me of when AJ first came out on the truck…I was teaming at the time and we both had to go help unload the trailer. We were in the trailer for about two minutes and AJ started howling. The guys we were delivering to stopped dead in their tracks and started looking around frantically for where the racket was coming from. We both started laughing and had to tell them it's the dog.

    I haven't seen a load come off a truck that fast in a long time. 😃

  • So cute!! 😃 I'm glad someone else's b makes that sort of horn/howl noise. :D:D

    I hear that noise nearly every morning :D. I usually take Ruby & Brando for a walk first before Aaliyah. Before we get down the driveway we usually hear Aaliyah calling for her pack and sounding like a fog horn. 😃

    Nexa looks so cute in the video at the end! 🙂

  • Houston

    I love it..so funny. I so wish Otis would make any sounds, besides he famous.."growl"..

    Poor Nexa, she is not happy..

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