Extreme GI issues? Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Enterocolitis? Crohns in Basenjis?

  • Hello All
    My newly adopted 7 year old rescue Basenji (puppy mill baby and we are his second family) has come down with a terrible GI problem. Severe ulceration of the small intestine, high white blood cell count (42000), anemia, extreme weight loss and muscle tissue degradation. He started with bloody vomit and bloody diarrhea over three months ago that cleared up after antibiotics, but over the last two months started to eat less and less. His mood was good and he still acted pretty normal (except for poor eating) but we finally brought him into the vet after he lost so much weight and completely stopped eating. We found it much worse than we thought. Doctors think it may be lymphocytic-plasmacytic enterocolitis. I did some research and found that Basenji's are a breed with which this disease occurs with more frequency. What about Crohn's Diease? Can anyone share their experiences?
    Thank you, we are desperate to save him.

  • Thanks for the input Pat. I brought the article to the vet who was very happy to have this information. Endoscope results are not on yet, but all symptoms looked like this disease. They will probably start prednisone today as he is deteriorating rapidly. I wish vets would research breed specific diseases especially with Basenjis. Would have saved critical time. I guess it's up to us to educate them.
    Thank you!!

  • Your welcome…. please make sure since many have found that Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and not IBS or IPSID is the problem. Good luck and hopefully treatment will take effect..... Biospy is this key as noted in the write up.... to determine. http://www.epi4dogs.com is the best place fro EPI information.
    While I agree that Vet's should take the time to research breed specific diseases… I can understand that sometimes they don't really even think about it. Be happy that your Vet "accepts" your input... as I know many that will or do not... which is a huge problem... as they look as owners as being "stupid" and not able to educate even Vets about different breeds health issues.... LOL, not all owners are "stupid"... sad to say, many, many are... Have been at my Vets many times when people bring in their pets and say "Oh he has been doing "this or that" for a few weeks.....".... DUH?? Would you do that with your human child?

  • I think Pat gets today's gold star!!!

  • Thanks… it is something that all pet owners should research on their own... when you have a purebred, you have many options to find out about possible breed specific problems, especially on breed specific websites that talk about health concerns. Honestly I am surprised that BRAT doesn't make sure that people know of the Basenji Club of America site that talks about health concerns in our breed. That said, it is harder if you have a possible mix as there are many things that can and do contribute to health issues and just because you think you have a B Mix, doesn't mean that health issues that are mostly for Basenjis could be the problem, something like EPI is NOT just for Basenjis... it is common to many breeds and/or mixes.... But learn about them... present them to your Vet... You will find out pretty quick if your Vet is open to listen to you or just try and blow you off... if that if the case (blow you off), time to find a different Vet.

  • Sadly I got the bad news today. My B Boy has lymphoma of the GI tract - T cells, the worst to have. Vet thinks he will be with me one to two months and he already may have "used up" one while we were diagnosing him. The best now is palliative care. I am heartbroken, poor guy. Not fair to a truly sweet boy.

  • I am very sorry to hear this. It's never easy to learn bad news. Thank you for giving this boy a chance, and I hope you manage to have some good days for the time you have left.

  • So sorry to hear, that's heartbreaking news. Putting myself in your shoes I just can't imagine. Make these days count and make them memorable. Wishing you both the best

  • How heartbreaking. You must be a very special sort of person and I'm so glad this little basenji found you so that his last little bit of his short life is filled with people who love and care for him. peace.

  • I wanted to let everyone know that I helped my boy cross over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. My heart is broken but I know my sweet Gombo is not suffering. I miss him already. Thanks for your support and words of kindness.

  • So sorry for your loss….

  • I am very sad to hear about your loss.

  • I am so sorry. I was hoping you would have more time together.

  • I agree, but thank you for giving him a special place and sending him over the rainbow bridge to be free of paid and sickness

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I had a little girl die in a tragic accident a year ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. Run free, little Gombo…

  • Sorry for your loss, always harder when they are taken too early and we aren't prepared to let them go.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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