• I've been thinking I should write a review of the breeder we got Jazzy from, if for no other reason than he's in this community :rolleyes: , but am not exactly sure what is being looked for here.

    I think it is obvious from previous posts that I am very, very happy with our decision to buy our puppy from Jumoke Basenjis.

    We did visit other breeders before deciding to buy from Bryan and Laurie at Jumoke Basenjis. It was a pretty easy decision for us. On the home visit, we saw healthy, happy, friendly dogs in a clean environment, and talking to Bryan about the breed was like opening an encyclopedia. He had so much information and knowledge about the history, care, potential health problems and how they would be treated, etc. There was no question we had that he couldn't answer immediately.

    The sales agreement that we signed was thorough, and the terms of sale had stipulations that would insure the pup was being placed in a good, safe home. Requirements for spay/neuter, microchip {with Jumoke listed as secondary contact}, indoor humane care, and that the pup will not be sold or given away, donated to shelters, research facilities, etc were included. If the buyer is unable to care for the dog, it can be returned to Jumoke; if that return takes place w/in 3 yrs a partial refund of the purchase price may be given.

    A hereditary health guarantee of ten years {!!} is given {with the exception of Fanconi}, allowing for replacement of a similar dog or refund {Jumoke's decision}.

    The follow-up contact with Jumoke has been outstanding. Bryan has been available, via telephone or email, to answer any question and advise me with any behavior issues that have come up – and I've had a lot of questions.
    and Jazzy's affection for Bryan, even after a year and a half of living with us, is obvious every time she sees him.

    I would recommend Jumoke wholeheartedly to anyone serious about buying a Basenji. Bryan and Laurie are careful, quality breeders. They produce outstanding dogs.

    If I ever manage to convince my husband he wants another one, I'd want it to be a Jumoke baby.

  • You can't go wrong with one the the Jumoke lines.
    I have 2 here at my house, and they are wonderful indeed.
    See you all this coming weekend at the EBC basenji specality in Auburn Wa.

  • My b's chew on your shirts!

  • Ha, ha, ha, good one Sharon!! I reported this spammer to the admin 2 days ago.

  • Oh well… at least it brought Jumoke to the foreground again! 🙂

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