• was wondering isis sometime yelps when like jumping from the bed to floor /couch or up on.we are not sure if its joint related.or sometimes she yelps when she yawns like its a jaw thing like tmj ,seems to have no problems running ,going up/down stairs, rough playing with silky and its not all the time, any ideas tia

  • Zorro also does that. He runs around like crazy jumping on and off furniture and sometimes he will yelp and limp around for ten seconds. Once that drama is over, he starts his B500 again. We don't worry too much about it because he doesn't always yelp.
    Like Isis, he is ok with stairs, walking and running. I think its because of the way he jumps and doesn't land like he should.
    It may not be anything to worry about since she seems to keep on playing and it doesn't happen all the time. But I may be wrong!!

    When she yawns, does it seem to hurt her? Or she just makes that weird Basenji yawning sound? Because Zorro does a weird noise when he yawns! But if it hurts her, maybe that would be a reason to go see the vet.

  • If your dog is yelping when doing something, I have to disagree with Ana, you SHOULD be concerned. The yawn yelp may just be her noise… can you tape it so we can see?

    Zorro could have many problems. Please do get him evaluated.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Zorro could have many problems. Please do get him evaluated.

    I understand how you would be worried about him yelping when doing something. Thing is, Zorro doesn't always yelp when jumping off beds, couches, etc. It only happens when he is running on and off them in one of his frenzies. He has absolutely no problems doing anything else. He is a puppy and tends to overdo it sometimes. I normally get him checked whenever he has a small problem. But in this case, I do think it is the way he jumps off that is the problem.

  • I think I would be worried about the yelping when he jumps up and down on and off things. That's odd. The yawning thing though; Shaye does that when she yawns, it's just a part of her yawn, nothing's wrong. Kind of like when a person yawns and a little noise accompanies it - no harm having your vet check it though.

  • I would have the vet check for a luxating patella. How old is he?


  • Oakley is fairly quiet but when he does yodel or baroo it almost always is a yawning baroo/yodel….it's just how it comes out! But I too would have him checked for luxating patella and hips, just to be sure nothing feels off...

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