• My female B has a papilloma growth on her lower lip; has anyone else had to deal with this condition?

    She's already been seen by the vet, who prescribed thuja pellets . It doesn't seem to cause any pain, so it's not an emergency situation–just looks pretty awful now that it has grown to the "cauliflower" stage.

    Advice from others who have treated the same condition welcome.

  • Several years ago, all 3 of mine got 1 or 2 on or in the mouth. It's a virus and will eventually just fall off. But it does look awful. On vets advice, we did nothing! Hopefully it will fall off soon.

  • Last month our 9-month-old female had one on her lower lip. The vet squeezed it, telling us that more might return but that the immune system would be stimulated to fight them. So far, the squeezed one turned bright red and now has faded and shrunk.

  • Note: the papilloma virus is VERY contagious to other dogs. Best to avoid canine/canine contact while in its active stage(s).

  • Anne, how long do they take to fall off? The one of Zhara's lip has been there about 3 weeks.

  • Sorry, can't remember, I want to say 3 or 4 weeks. Topper's was inside his cheek so I didn't see it all the time, then I looked and it was gone. Ed and Nicky had them on the side of the mouth, not very prominent. Glad it doesn't bother her.

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