Brighton, CO

Kiya didn't win any points…but got 2/RWB on Sat and 1/RWB on Sun

Lance however... got 1/WD on Sat and 1/WD/Best of Winners and 1pt on Sun!!! YAY!!

14 more to go for Kiya
13 more to go for Lance

AND in Harrisburg, PA
Lance's sister ANOTHER BLACK! "Lorelei" got 2pts at her first show!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

At the rate she's going she'll beat both Lance and Kiya!

Great news, big congrats!!!

Thanks Maya 🙂 We will keep trying for majors. Hopefully by next year Kiya will be a CH before she is bred next spring!

OH YES I saw her!! I didn't know Lorelei was Lance's sister…I had the pleasure of meeting that cute little B/W girl I almost walked her all the way home 😃 😃 to MY house LOL! She was a beauty!!


awesome! I would die and go to heaven if I could have her LMAO but it wasn't meant to be.

Congratulations Annandael. 🙂

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