• Kiya shocked me! As usually due to her being black or too American style (in Germany) She took 2nd place and Reserve Winners bitch today!


    Sadly, I don't have a picture! 😞

  • Congratulations!! Too bad we can't see a pic.

  • Here are some pictures of her at the Ft.Collins show.

    Her beautiful side gait:

    Our pep talk:

    Attentive Kiya:

  • She's BEAUTIFUL!

  • blush thanks! I think so too! And she's such a sweetheart!

  • Thank you for showing your pictures. She IS beautiful! Mine is black & white and I was beginning to think that is why he was abandoned and his tail docked. I think he is adorable too and I hope he doesn't hurt from his earliest young life.

  • Congratulations, Very Nice

    Look forward to reading more brags and pictures of this fine girl.

  • Thank you all. We're trying so hard, but we're both new, young and learning! I'm hoping I finish her before she's OLD!


  • @annandael:

    Our pep talk:


  • Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Thank you guys so much!

    Kiya had such a hard time in FCI European shows…they thought she was too "fat" 😣

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