:( Sad circumstances…I must give my Nikita up...

  • I lost my job recently…the place im staying at (I had to move due to lack of funds for bills etc) Im not allowed to keep 3 dogs. Ive gotten permission to keep her as long as it takes to find a good home though. Ive made the tough decision to give up my Nikita to a good loving home. She is 1.5yrs old. She is a great PET only dog. NO breeders. She is good with other dogs who aren't super dominant with her...she loves cats as well. Shes still a little food possessive so I don't suggest a home with any young kids. Leash training is going well. She is an all around good dog for a Basenji SAVVY owner. Im asking $200 for her.

    I will consider BRAT if I cannot find a home this way. But id like to try first...so I can meet the new family and such. I love her and want the best for her even if I cant give it. Feel free to give me a call anytime if you want to know more about her. 580-351-8613. I am located in the Lawton Oklahoma area. I will not ship her...if you are to fly her you need to come get her and travel with her.

  • First Basenji's

    Has she been spayed?

  • No she has not been. She needs to be. I was going to but then I lost my job and lack of funds I haven't been able to. Which is the reason Im screening homes thoroughly.

  • BRAT will make sure she is spayed prior to placement.

  • First Basenji's

    Ditto Lisa. Please consider surrendering her to BRAT – they will screen thoroughly, too, AND they will have her spayed prior to placement. Even with the best intentions, accidents can happen with intact dogs, as you know.

  • Its a consideration. I just really like to meet the family she'd be going to. Ive never had to give up a pet of mine before and I love her a lot. Its tough and still bugs me to think I have to give her up. She's family. No one in my family can take her though…Ive asked around everywhere.

  • i'm so sorry to read this. you've had a bit of a rough patch lately - i hope thing turn around for you very soon.

  • Job loss is rough, on the good side you don't have to give up all your dogs, but it must be very hard to know you have to re-home one due to circumstances. Dogs are very forward looking and she will find another loving home and settle in, and in the future when you are able, you will be able to give another basenji a loving home, it all goes round and round. Does not make the present any easier, though. BRAT is a good option, they are very thorough when it comes to screening, and are a safety net if a placement does not work out.
    Sorry about your situation.

  • Ive contacted BRAT and hope they get with me soon.

  • This is going to sound harsh but I think you should stop with the animals. At first it was the beagle your roommate bought home and had puppies, you were going to keep the mom but didn't, then you were going to keep a puppy but back in march posted that due to circumstances couldn't…and yet with all these "circumstances" with the ones you didn't keep you got another one...and poor Nikita, having been from home to home! I understand and can sympathize with losing a job but I can't help but feel you've had a lot of dogs IN and OUT in the past year. You've said this I the first dog you've had to give up but your previous posts indicate (as Ive said before) that you wanted to sell the puppy you were going to keep and then couldn't. All I'm saying is you should focus more on stabilizing your life from all these circumstances rather than getting another dog, not keeping it then a few months later getting another

    Just so others dont think I'm intentionally trying to sound mean this is a quote from one of your posts after the mom beagle and before Nikita:

    "I really dont have time for her anymore and feel bad crating her a lot. I have yet to find the perfect home for her. "

    I can't undertand getting Nikita after you've publicly posted this...

  • Uhm number 1…I didnt ask for criticism...NO ONE asks to lose a job. My life was Stable before that happened. I simply posted to find her a home...rude criticism is not needed. Thank You.

  • And a LOT? My roommate had the Beagle and STUCK me with her. I didnt ask to keep her. She was not mine. Ive only her and her babies. And chloe was one of the babies. And then Nikita. Thats not a lot of "In and Outs". So if you dont want to give her a home dont respond please.


  • If anyone is interested in Nikita, there is a low cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinic nearby in Lawton, OK which is in the same county. You can probably call to verify what anesthesia they use for spaying. I have never been to this clinic.

    Here is the website: http://www.okspayclinic.com/index.html


  • Jennifer: I have been to that clinic many times. My Pitbull got spayed there about 8mo ago. My mom and dads dogs/cats have been spayed/neutered there too. They are AMAZING…its $45 for spay...and $65 if they have to update the shots. Updated shots are required before spay/neuter. They are very very caring and have always treated my animals good.

  • I thought I would post that in case she needed updated vaccines/rabies as someone might want to have it done there especially if they take her across state lines. Elgin OK is approximately 70 miles SW of Oklahoma City and 200 miles NW of Dallas TX. I lure coursed near there in Duncan, OK many years ago.

    I had my rescue dogs vaccinated and spayed/neutered at the SNAP low cost clinic in Houston, TX. I would have the rabies vaccine given at the auction in MO and then the remainder at the clinic. I was known as the Basenji lady at the vaccination clinic!


  • You post on a public forum therefore asking for the criticism isn't necessary, it's implied. Secondly, you posted you decided to keep the mother which you then did not. Thirdly, you posted your were keepin a puppy, of which posted to then sell. Even after both of those "not working out" due to circumstances ( one of which YOU state you don't have time for the puppy) you then get ANOTHER dog of which you now can not keep due to circumstances. Part of being a responsible dog owner is not getting into more than you can handle if thins turn sour; same as if you got another one and it didn't get along but you were prepared to run separate packs versus getting rid of it. Lastly, even if I don't count Nikita you still flaked out on two dogs in the last year…if you ask me that's a lot; why get nikita when you YOURSELF posted you didnt have time for the last one? Its silly of you get annoyed that it may bother people to hear you post this is the first dog youve given up when in fact I can go back though your posts and disclaim that. Let's face it, you posted all these things and for people like myself who follow your posts over time to see, it's kind of like what's next?!
    I'm not saying I didn't like that you are tying to do the right thing for Nikita now but perhaps you har a tendency to get or keep dogs with a good heart and intentions when it's not the best thing. Take it or leave it...but anyone who wants to can go through your threads over the last year an see for themselves this is a pattern

  • Not to come off harsh, but your post in july about your new girl Nikita is quoted below - when you were talking about breeding her before you found out she was from a BYB and said that you would try to find a pedigreed puppy to start with instead. Sorry, but something doesn't add up about having to give her up because you lost your job (how do you do that when you are self-employed) and have plenty of savings. I know…none of my business, but you were the one that posted this...


    I have a good savings already set aside for any emergency…whether it be pet or myself. I am also self employed so I am home all the time 🙂 So should I have to be around to care for a pup or mom or both I can be. My vet is always on call and I can call him any time of day as well as my sister who is right down the road from me. I appreciate all the info 🙂

    I also agree with Chelsie that maybe you need to slow down on adding/switching dogs. You have the puppies from the beagle/basenji litter that you are responsible for for their entire lives. You have done a good job of taking them back when they have needed to be re-homed, but maybe slow down a bit until you are more settled.

  • I also agree with Chelsie and Renaultf1….. something doesn't add up. Hopefully BRAT can take this bitch, get her spayed and placed. Maybe too you can use the clinic and get the boy neutered...... no reason to have an intact male, especially if your life is in a bit of a mess....

  • Something doesnt add up? Explain what it is you're talking about. Im not a bad dog owner or any of that. And I dont appreciate the criticism. If I didnt give a **** about my dogs I wouldn't have contacted BRAT at all.

    The self employed part is the Affiliate Program im using to generate my sales which = money closed down. I drive traffic to other sites to earn commissions. The program which handles our payments and sales stats closed. THATS how you lose a job when you're self employed.

  • You just go through dogs, that's all- no ones saying your a bad dog owner persay…but it's not fair on the dogs you make a commitment on to have to go through more than one family because you don't keep them. Which is why I say you may have good intentions but perhaps you don't look far enough into yours and theirs futures to make the right decision from the start rather than after you say you'll keep them. It's hard for some of us to congratulate you when you take in a dog the same way it's hard to feel bad or be surprised when your posting that you need to find a home for it later. It just seems to me (or some) that its a fleeting phase.

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