Pet Information Sheet-In Case of Emergency

  • I received this link via an e-mail. It must be on the AKC website since it has the AKC logo on it but I have never seen it. It would be good to complete and have for each dog.

    Here is the link:


  • I just want to say first hand how having something like this could be very helpful to someone in an emergency…my brother tragically passed away while on vacation 3 weeks ago. as a family my parents & I will be taking over care for his dog Julio. luckily I knew who his vet was and was able to obtain copies of important info related to Julio's care..but had I not known who Julio's vet was my parents would have had a lot of questions regarding care and what was needed for Julio that they would not have known how to obtain. Taking a second to fill this out can be so helpful to someone left to care for your pet in an emergency.....

  • What a great link.

    So sorry to hear about your brother's passing Sonnyboy. My thoughts are with you.

  • So sorry sonny boy…

    I've thought a lot about this as I'm single, and the one dilemma I have is WHO would actually be able to take Oakley in such an event. Naturally I thought of my father but he has no clue about basenjis or the differences between them and other dogs. He believes dogs are ok off leash and really believes he can train any dog to "follow" him. Also, no one I know takes care of their dog in the way I do for Oakley, he gets great high quality food, care, I'm into the events for his breed and in super proud to have a purebred basenji...but he's also a very complex and tough dog to live with.

    I've thought and thought and the only conclusion I come to is that god forbid somethig happens to me, I'd want him to go back to Eldorado (Pam and Sheila) and have him ONLY placed in a home EXTREMELY basenji savvy. He deserves an owner that can give him what he needs and gets him.

  • Having been hospitalized lately, I left an instruction sheet out for each of my Basenjis in case my husband also had an emergency hospital visit. This form would have been very useful and saved me a lot of writing. Thanks for posting. I'm not aware that our own KC has such a leaflet.

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