Pet sitter in Sacramento area

  • We are going out of town next Friday thru Tuesday (Oct 1 - 5) just wondering if anyone in the Sacramento area has any recommendations for pet sitters? The person I have had watching them when we go out of town is not available this time, I liked her cause she stayed at the house. I've found others that will stay, but it's just so expensive. I have found a vet tech that does pet sitting on the side who can stop by in the morning and evening to pill Tayda and let the dogs out - but I wonder if they will just get too restless being alone the rest of the time. Though they mostly sleep anyway.

    Does anyone use pet sitters that just stop by 2 or 3 times a day to let them out and feed when they go away? I wonder if they will be okay if I use this new person who is going to stop by during the day but not stay the night. I suppose I could also ask the neighbors to come let them out one or two times a day so that they won't be cooped up for so much of the time.

    I feel like it'd be better for them to be bored in their own home, rather than anxious and out of place at a kennel or other boarding facility.

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

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